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When you want to add an extension to the exterior of your home, improve curb appeal, and create a rustic and welcoming look, there is nothing better than a porch. You can add one to the front of your home, wrap it around a side, or add it to all four sides of your home for a charming farmhouse look.

A porch can give you the extra space that you need, both for storage and entertaining, and also creates a welcoming entrance to your home. Add in a porch door, and you create more security without having to spend too much money.

If you live in the McKinney area, you know the wonderful weather that we get, and what better way to enjoy that than sitting out on your front porch. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and even keep an eye on your neighborhood.

For the ultimate in rustic charm, call us today to discuss adding a porch to your home.

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Why Every Home Should Have A Porch

Porches offer many benefits. The money that you invest in your porch is going to be added to the value of your home, so you can think of the cost as an investment. It also improves your curb appeal and creates a noticeable upgrade to your home. Porches only add to your resale value.

For functionality, a porch offers you a lot of storage space, especially at your front door, and many people use porches as an exterior mudroom. You can also use your porch as a place to entertain, or add a porch swing and create a place for you to relax.

It has also been shown that an enclosed porch with a porch door adds extra security and deters would-be thieves. A simple addition but one that has lots of value.

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Types Of Porches

Porches come in a variety of styles, with some that are on one side of your home and others that wrap around multiple sides. You can enclose them or leave them open. Let’s take a look at the most common porches.

Front Porches

The main type of porch that you will see is a front porch. It is a welcoming addition to your home that can serve many purposes. Porches were very common, but have fallen out of style for a while, before making a comeback.

One great reason to invest in a front porch is to be more part of your neighborhood and community. Add a porch swing or some furniture to the porch and you have a perfect place to talk to neighbors or members of the community as they pass by.

If you don’t want to use your porch as a place to socialize, you can add some storage options for items that are used in the front yard, or to store muddy shoes and other outerwear.

And, your guests are going to love to visit when they stroll up and see a welcoming porch. It is a great addition to your home that only makes it look more welcoming while adding infinite curb appeal.

Screened Porches

Screened porches offer you security from multiple types of pests.

If you live in an area where wildlife flourishes, you may have mosquitoes buzzing around, birds making nests in the sides of your home, or raccoons and other animals looking for food. This is a nuisance at the best of times, but even more so when you are relaxing outside or entertaining.

Screened porches can be created fine enough that not even small mosquitoes can get through, leaving you to enjoy your evening. You can also say goodbye to birds nesting or pooping, and not have to worry about skunks smelling up your home. The best part is that you can still enjoy the fresh air while you are outside.

Along with those pests, you can also deter thieves. When looking at houses, the ones with an extra barrier to entering the house are going to put off those who want to make a quick getaway.

A wonderful addition to your home that will allow you to entertain and relax without being bothered.

Back Porches

Like the idea of a porch but are looking for something a little more private? Well, a back porch is just what you need. A back porch offers all of the flexibility and functionality of a front porch, but with added privacy.

Add a porch swing to your back porch and it is a great place to relax when you come home for a hard day at work, and somewhere where you can enjoy the view if it is elevated.

Just like a front porch, you can use a back porch for entertaining, and add in some furniture and a barbecue. They still add rustic charm to your home, but there is the added bonus of ultimate privacy too.

Wraparound Porches

Want the ultimate in porches? A wraparound porch takes it to the next level.

Imagine your curb appeal when you recreate the aesthetics of the prairies in the comfort of your own home. This investment in your property is only going to add to the value of your home and up the resale value.

And, wraparound porches are the ultimate place to relax and entertain. You can divide the porch into different sections, and you can move your entertaining area away from your backdoor and around to the side of your home.

There are infinite options here. You can add plenty of storage, relax on your front porch to connect with your neighbors, and then move to your back porch when you want some privacy. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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